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We can support about flash micom programmer to oversea.
This page is informed about FL-PR5,FL-PR4(*),FA-series.
*End of sales

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FL-PR5 Outlines

Notification; FL-PR5 is the latest model in the flash programmer series.
FL-PR2,FL-PR3, and FL-PR4 had been finished selling.
And FL-PR2 and FL-PR3 is out of service at Mar.30.2012.
Please change your programming system for FL-PR5.

- Supported micro computer
V850,78K,RL78,RX,R8C,M16C(*),Super H
*By using M16C KIT(Option), it will be able to use as exclusive programmer.

- Programming method
On board programming by exclusive programming GUI or stand alone.
Off board programming by Programming adaptor FA series (option)."

- Host machine interface
USB2.0(USB1.1) or Serial interface

- Highly efficient
Applied for High speed programming (SIO hand shake)
Applied for Low voltage(1.5V) microcomputer
8 kind of code (Max) and information for micro computer can be holded.

- For Mass production line function is mounted.
Key layout it simple and good maneuverability.
Small (Size: 147 x 95 x 30mm, included bump.) and Light (about 230g).
Buzzer sound when programming is finished.
Earth node is prepared (GND cable is attached.)
Remote I/F is mounted. Extention is possible ( External switch and status indicator ON/OFF can connect..)

- Feeling relieved
Self test function. 
Security setting to micro computer is possible (Erase , Prohibit programming and so on.)"

Comparition table with FL-PR4 is here.  

Programmer Corresponding sheet (Functional)
<Function> <FL-PR5> <FL-PR4>
Size 147*95*30mm (Included bump) 200*115*46mm(Included bump)
Weight About 230g About 420g
Target The microcomputer which is bulleted in Single power or dual power supply flash memory.
(Dual power supply flash memory will be supported depends on user needs.)
The microcomputer which is bulleted in Single power or dual power supply flash memory
Host I/F USB2.0, USB1.1, Serial USB1.1、Serial、Parallel
Remote control I/F Mounted Mounted
Power supply(VDD) from programmer. From 1.5 to 5V (absolute maximum rating -Current 200mA)(Internal conversion) From 2.1〜5V(absolute maximum rating -Current 200mA)(Internal conversion)
Clock supply (CLK) from programmer Possible( Select within the range 1MHz - 20MHz ) Possible (Select within the range1MHz-20MHz)
ROM code Max 16MB (Divide into 8 area) Max 2MB (Divide into 2 area)
Characteristic information Exclusive parameter file for PG-FP5(*.pr5)
Plural read is possible
Exclusive parameter file for PG-FP4(*.prm)
Singular read is possible
Security setting Possible by Security Command Possible by Security Command
Independent programming Possible to handle with exclusive key Possible to handle with exclusive key
Target cable 14pin, 16pin cable 10pin,16pin cable
Power supply Exclusive AC adaptor (15V,1A) Exclusive AC adaptor (15V,1A)
Control soft Exclusive control software for FP5 Exclusive control software for FP5


- FL-PR5
- USB mini B cable
- RS232C cable
- Target cable (For 16 pin inter face)
- Target cable (For 14 pin inter face)
- AC adapter(AC100 - 240V)
- GND cable

FL-PR5 download

You can download the various data from this page,

- Please read this at first. This is informed...
Restrictions, Precautions, V-up contents, Difference information in the manual.
- English document is under construction.
- USB driver installing procedure into Windows7 host machine (FL-PR5 GUI version is More than V2.06)

Preliminary English manual is here.

- This is latest GUI software.
Operating system; Windows7(64bit),Windows7(32bit),Windows Vista, Windows XP
- To download, the serial number is needed. It is printed in the label on the back of FL-PR5.
There is simple questionnaire survey is appeared at first time entry.
- These are old version GUI.
GUI V2.09  GUI V2.07  GUI V2.06  GUI V2.05  GUI V2.03  GUI V2.02  GUI V2.01

4. Version up data (Firmware, FPGA data)

Firmware(V2.10): Latest data
FPGA(V4): Latest
- FL-PR5 is needed to upgrade to latest version by these data.
Refer to "Operating precaution " about version up details.
- These are old version Firmware data.
F/W V2.09   F/W V2.07   F/W V2.06   F/W V2.05   F/W V2.04   F/W V2.03   F/W V2.02   F/W V2.01

5. Parameter file

- Download the latest parameter file for PG-FP5 from "Renesas Electronics Development Tools Download".

Ways to purchase

We can not sell to customer directly.
Please contact to…
- Renesas electronics (ex; http://www.renesas.eu/)
- The special agent that is located the head office in Japan.

And it is also supposed to same root as Microcomputer purchasing.

Naito Densei Information

If you have any question, please feel free to ask to our information.